Meet the players

We are a friendly group of amateur musicians who enjoy getting together to play a wide variety of music.

Carol was born in Southampton and as a child learnt the oboe and piano and played in many musical groups. She was also keen on brass bands, as she enjoyed hearing her father play with the Southampton Albion Band.

While bringing up her three daughters she found little time for music, other than occasionally accompanying her girls during their practising. Ten years ago (after her daughters learnt to drive themselves around!) she had more spare time, so took up playing the tenor horn.

Since then she has played for Cheltenham Silver Band, City of Bristol Brass Band, and is now with A. W. Parker (Drybook) Band.  A few years ago she also took up conducting, and after having had lessons with some of the top brass band conductors in the country (including Nick Childs and Philip Harper) she took on the musical director role at Frampton in 2015.

John started playing brass at age 11 in secondary school. He got the trombone as that was the only instrument left when he got to the meeting!

He chose brass because he didn't since or dance, so it seemed like a safe option. Also he was a big fan of Herb Alpert and Kenny Ball.

John started playing with Frampton about 5 years ago when he moved to the area.

Apart from the friendship of the other players, John loves the variety of concerts that the band undertakes. Sometimes he thinks the band sounds better than the sum of the players and the audiences are usually very impressed as brass bands are not as popular these days.

Sue started playing brass when she was 9 but gave up in secondary school because it wasn't cool !! She started again when she was 23.

She chose brass because it was what everyone played in Sharpness.

Sue started with Frampton in about 2012 (on and off!). She enjoys being part of making music.

Janet started playing cornet just over 3 years ago at the age of 58 - so never too late to learn!

She played the piano as a child and has sung in choirs and choral societies for many years. She also plays the clarinet , which she has been playing since 2010.

Janet was interest in playing another instrument as well and liking the sound of brass bands decided to try the cornet, which she loved.

Janet joined Frampton at the end of 2015. "It's a very welcoming and friendly band."


Nat started playing a brass instrument aged 11 years old, with Frampton Band.

She chose brass because there was "not much else in Frampton to do!".

Her favourite thing about being in a band is being able to blow her horn! She enjoyed the Isle of Wight tour and had a sore throat for 3 days from laughing!

Juliet started playing brass with Frampton Band in 1980, aged 13.

She chose brass to copy Nat!

Her favourite things about being in the band are nutters and bad influences!


Having played in the band for a couple of years at about the age of 12, Sarah had a long break and then joined the band again at the age of 38!!

Sarah chose brass when members of a local brass band came into school and played for them and invited people to join their training band. Having played the violin for a year it seemed the better option!

The best thing about being in the band is being among like-minded people, blowing the cobwebs away during a rehearsal and playing great music. Having a band of friends playing at our wedding.

Graham is originally from London.

His main instrument is saxophone and is a relative newcomer, 4 years or so, to the Baritone and brass bands.

Sarah grew up in Frampton on Severn and started playing with the band while still at primary school!

After a few years on cornet she moved to euphonium and has loved the instrument ever since.

Hi there, my name is Sally Joyce and I am around 57yrs old!

I have been playing in bands since I was 11. For the first 20 years it was on trombone in several big bands in my home area of Essex. I moved to Gloucester in 1989 and began playing again in 1991. There were already too many trombones in the area so I was given a BBb bass!! I had to learn valves and treble clef! I played BBb bass for the next 15 yrs in Lydbrook, Gloucester Excelsior, Frampton and the Gloucestershire Constabulary bands.

Around 2011 I changed to learning the cornet in Gloucester Excelsior band and progressed from 3rd to solo cornet. As the needs of the band changed, I swapped onto 1st Baritone. I now play solo cornet for Nailsworth band, 1st trombone for Frampon, 1st trombone for CAJE (Colwell Arts Jazz Ensemble), 1st trombone for Gloucester Excelsior or anything for any of the bands as their needs are!!

It certainly makes for a very interesting time in all the bands as I’m never quite sure exactly what instrument I’m playing – often up until the very last moment – I love it!!

Derek started playing with Frampton Band in the 1980s (or so he is told!).

He chose brass because it seemed like a good idea, it was on the doorstep and there was a bar (which is essential for any brass band!)

His favourite thing about being in the band is playing fast and upbeat music, otherwise known as Tigger (from Winnie the Poo) music.

Brian began playing brass when he was 8, in 1957!!

He was introduced to brass by his father who had played when he was younger.

Brian started playing with Frampton about 4 years ago, after having conducted the band for 30+ years.

As part of the band, Brian enjoys the type of people you meet - well most of them!

Brian become Chair in 2022

Jon started playing in 1970 at the age of 13.

He chose brass because 'it was a calling'.

Jon started playing with Frampton in 2008 and his favourite things about being in the band are a great group of friends and playing Aces High!

Stuart started playing the drums in 1980, aged 6.

Drums chose him as there was a percussion shortage at the time. He joined Frampton in 2003.

Stuart enjoys the people and banter associated with being in a band and particularly likes fast, noisy music!


Libby started playing with the band in September 2016.

Having played the violin she decided she wanted a change.

Her favourite thing about being in the band is playing music with a group of people who share the same interests as her.

Heather started playing a brass instrument when she was about 11.

She chose brass because she thought it was a good idea to join a new band.

Heather's favourite thing about being in a band is being part of a group. She enjoys the sound that a whole band can make with all of the different instruments and enjoys playing at different venues.